Lindzee Armstrong

USA Today bestselling and award winning author

Strike a Match

No Match for Love series

Out of the ashes she might find true love...


When Kate’s husband dies in a fire, she doesn’t expect to fall for Taylor, the handsome firefighter who gives her the news. But past relationship fears and old habits threaten to tear them apart before they’ve even begun. Can the ashes of their pasts hold their happily ever after?

Meet Your Match

No Match for Love series

Nothing slows down love like the friend zone.


Brooke’s convinced all boys are trouble. Luke’s a player who loves the thrill of the chase. Can a set of crazy rules keep these two safely in the friend zone? Enjoy this witty and fast-paced romance today!

Miss Match

No Match for Love series

Playing cupid may break her heart.


"This feel-good romance will leave you swooning." -InD'Tale Magazine


With the matchmaking company she works for in decline, Brooke is desperate to sign Luke, her billionaire best friend, as a client. But Luke is more interested in capturing Brooke’s heart. Escape into this lighthearted romantic comedy today!

Not Your Match

No Match for Love series

Sometimes it takes dating Mr. Wrong to find Mr. Right.


"This pleasant tale will reward readers with the dance of life for a resounding happily-ever-after."

-Ind'Tale Magazine


Dating the wrong people has convinced both Ben and Andi that what they really want is each other. All that’s standing in their way is a fake boyfriend, a jealous ex-fiancée, and being afraid to risk their hearts.

Mix 'N Match

No Match for Love series

Fire and ice aren't meant to mix.


"The witty dialogue and the emotion that slowly enraptures the reader makes this book a gem."

-InD'Tale Magazine


Zoey and Mitch couldn’t be more opposite. One passionate kiss has convinced them they’d never work. But two weeks in Paris could change everything.

Mistletoe Match

No Match for Love series

A kiss shouldn't be this complicated.


When animal rights activist Michelle kisses a mystery man underneath the mistletoe at a holiday party, she's horrified to realize he's the new marketing director of the pharmaceutical company she's trying to destroy due to their nasty habit of animal testing. Can one impulsive kiss be the foundation for a happily ever after?

No Match for Love vol 1 box set

No Match for Love series

Sometimes love needs a helping hand.


Buy the box set and save! This box set contains the first 3 novels in the #1 Amazon bestselling No Match for Love series: Miss Match, Not Your Match, and Mix 'N Match.

No Match for Love vol 2 box set

No Match for Love series

Sometimes love needs a helping hand.


Buy the box set and save! This box set contains all 3 novellas in the #1 Amazon bestselling No Match for Love series: Strike a Match, Not Your Match, and Mistletoe Match.

Kiss Me in the Moonlight

Kiss Me series

Kissing her way through Europe wasn't in the job description.


When Paige’s secret agent boyfriend dumps her in an email, chaperoning hormonal teenagers through Europe seems like the perfect way to cope. She doesn't bargain on working with her ex, who’s investigating his partner’s suspicious death. As sparks fly and the investigation heats up, one kiss in the moonlight changes everything.

Kiss Me in the Rain

Kiss Me series

Will she risk the mansion she treasures for the man she loves?


Cypress Grove Mansion, a treasured constant in Layla's perfect life, will be sold to the highest bidder if she doesn’t date an investor's son. The problem? The man she really wants just rolled into town.

Cupcakes and Cowboys

Sunset Plains Series

He's everything that broke her heart.


Cassidy wants two things—to make her cupcake shop a success, and to forget the fiancé who traded her for the lights of Hollywood. When Jase—best friend of her ex and A-list actor—shows up at the ranch to research an upcoming role, forgetting is the last thing she can do. Can Jase convince her he’s really a country boy at heart?

Twisters and Textbooks

Sunset Plains Series

Some storms can't be outrun.


After the death of her parents, chasing tornadoes is the only thing that makes Lauren feel alive. Each storm gives her the adrenaline rush she craves, but it can’t make her forget Tanner, the country boy she left behind in Oklahoma. When a tornado brings the couple back together, Lauren and Tanner are caught up in a cyclone of emotions neither is sure they want to escape. Can they weather the storm of their past, or will they let it consume them?

First Love, Second Choice

What happens when you impersonate your identical twin sister to score a date with your long-lost high school crush?


When wedding planner Keslee gets asked on a date by her long-lost high school crush, Bryce, everything should be perfect. But Bryce mistakes Keslee for her deceased twin sister, Jadyn. And Keslee doesn’t correct him. Talk about awkward. To make matters worse, she learns they’ll be seeing a lot more of each other because Bryce is the marketing director at the venue where Keslee’s new client has chosen to get married. Keslee knows the charade can’t last much longer, and fears she’ll lose Bryce forever when she tells him the truth.

Chasing Someday

Chasing Tomorrow series

Three women. One struggle.


"With a smooth pace and plot, and plenty of emotional depth, this is a must read for contemporary fans!" ~5-star Crown Heart review, InD'Tale Magazine


When a school book drive brings Megan, Christina, and Kyra together, their uncomfortable secrets soon come to light. Can they overcome their mutual heartache, or will they allow infertility to tear them apart?

Tomorrow's Lullaby

Chasing Tomorrow series

Falling in love just got complicated.


When Sienna McBride placed her baby for adoption, she never dreamed that two years later she’d find herself falling for someone who resents his birth mother for not keeping him. Will Sienna choose to live a lie, or trust Aaron with the truth?

Chasing Tomorrow box set

Chasing Tomorrow series

Four women. One unforgettable tale.


This box set contains both highly-reviewed women's fiction novels in the Chasing Tomorrow series: Chasing Someday and Tomorrow's Lullaby.